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From Previously Failed PT to Running & Dancing

"I've had a knee problem for 2 years when I started working with Dr. Colin Miller, from Pro+Kinetix. I had gone to other PTs with no results. Colin in AMAZING. Within a couple of weeks, my knee was significantly better. 
Working with Colin has brought my very painful and damaged knee back to being able to run and dance. I highly recommend Pro+Kinetix!!" - Christine

From Having Difficulty Walking to Preparing for a Half Marathon

"Working with PT Ben has been great! I arrived at my first appointment struggling to walk, or run, without pain and with a healthy dose of helpless cynicism. I quickly felt that Ben understood my drive to return to a high level of performance. While other PTs suggested alternative activities as a long term solution, he was confident we could get me running in a matter of months. 

I just ran 5 miles and am working towards a half marathon. Aside from that, I've never been stronger as Ben has been excellent in creating a rehab and strength program to support my running. Working with PT Ben has opened up a whole new world of athletic performance--I am becoming a better, stronger and smarter athlete than I ever was before and I'm excited to continue working with him!"

From Previously Failed PT to Running & Dancing

"I was at the point where I could not accept that at 26 I would live with constant, increasing knee pain. I cannot express how much he has changed and improved my life, without sounding overly dramatic. If not already evident from his other reviews, Ben is the best!
Although I had not been able to run or perform intense cardio in about 1.5 years, I was determined to make a change. Within 2 sessions and following the exercises diligently between, I was, and still am, completely free of pain and finished the triathlon without pain or resulting soreness." - Victoria 

From Being Unable to Run for the Last Year to Running Pain Free In a Few Weeks

"I'd been struggling with my knee and running on and off for at least a year when I came across Pro+Kinetix. When I met Ben, my knee was so messed up I hadn't been able to run at all for a couple months. I'd tried acupuncture and chiropractic care but neither one seemed to have a lasting impact. After working with Ben for just a few weeks, I was pain free and now, 12 weeks later, I'm running again! He helped me understand the mechanics of my body and guided me in implementing a just-right strength training and stretching program. I found Ben to be a patient, knowledgeable and thoughtful care provider. I am grateful for his help and my renewed ability to run again! The program was relatively short and sweet and has made a lasting impact on the my quality of life.
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